Why is Your Property Not Selling

There are many issues that could be responsible for a home not selling. However, in most cases, a property that has been sitting on the market for a long time is usually a sign that something is wrong. Here are a few tips to make selling property a reality.

Reaching buyers

Sellers must reach buyers and, if more people notice the property, there’s a better chance it will sell. It is not enough for a homeowner to have the right price set – they must take beautiful photos and have every little detail listed. The only way a home sells fast is if it is visible.


Having the property listed on one site is not enough. To find a buyer, it is essential to flood the market. It’s simple: the more a property is seen, the sooner it will be sold!

Put your ad on free sites with the help of LJ Hooker. Most of the sites used are free and their combined strength allows sellers to reach millions of potential buyers each month. Ask your agent for more tips that can increase your visibility in the market.

Ads must provide ALL the details

A real estate listing must provide buyers with all details. Being up on several websites is one thing, but sellers still have to present their property with a full description of each one of the sites where the home is posted. This will increase the homeowner’s chances of retaining each buyer’s interest.

Photos attract buyers

Sellers must submit more photos, and these photos must be able to attract buyers. Photos are the most important element to attract the right buyers. They must be bright and benefit the property.

Make sure they show each room of the property so that buyers can get a good idea of what they’re buying. To get tips from professional photographers, see LJ Hooker for details.

Setting the right price

Homeowners must adjust their price to other properties for sale in the area. A lot of people who do not sell have set a price that is too high. Ask an agent for a comparative analysis of other homes in the area being sold, which includes homes that have sold in the last six months.

An analysis of properties currently on sale can guide sellers in the right direction, but remember that the asking price is rarely the final selling price. For more information, contact LJ Hooker today.

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